A Few Important Things You Need To Know About Wiring

A Few Important Things You Need To Know About Wiring

Date: 6 Apr, 2020 | Posted: Hudco

A Few Important Things You Need To Know About Wiring

Are you planning to work on an electrical project in Barrie or Mississauga? During the wiring process, there are various kinds of wires to choose from, such as copper and aluminum.

Most people have no idea how to choose the right wire, identify it, and install it.

Knowing the basic types of wires is necessary. When you pick the perfect wire or cable for your project, it means you have won the half battle. Also, when you learn about the standard cables, it helps you to examine wiring problems more effectively.

Size Of The Wire Matters

The size of any cable plays a vital role during any wire installation. It denotes the diameter of metal inside the wire and tells about its current-carrying potential.

The size also indicates that how much amperage a wire can safely handle. When the amperage is more than the current handling capacity of the wire, short circuits occur.

Nuheat Custom Mats

Hudco deals in a very reliable product, known as Nuheat Mats, which is used during installation, and it helps to eradicate the need to configure the heating wires. We take the dimensions and provide you with the exact Nuheat mat, especially for complex rooms and apartments. Our product also makes sure that the heat transfer is consistent and does not exceed the desired amount.  

Nuheat Systems can be installed in wet areas, such as shower floors and saunas, along with dry locations. However, we suggest you to use a separate mat or cable kit for humid regions. This results in one sole benefit, that is, the floor heating in the rest of the area would not be altered in any case.

Wiremold- Installing a Metal Raceway

In this process, you might need an expert technician to carry out the process. Our HUDCO team has the right expertise in this field. The electrical raceway, also known as surface-mounted wiring, is used to support the wiring across the wall and acts as an additional power receptacle to support your electrical devices.

It is an excellent way to add wiring for existing outlets, light fixtures, etc. in your workshop, house garage, basement, and more. Our team will give you an on-site visit, measure the distance between the new outlet and the existing one to determine the race raceway required to perform the installation.

Stripping Electrical Wire

Wire stripping means removing the outer plastic jacket that surrounds the inner metalcore. It is indispensable to do this process carefully so that the metal doesn’t get damaged. With practice, you can also learn to strip the wire. Electricians use wire stripping tool to do it the right way. This is a vital tool and beneficial for DIYers to handle their wiring projects. In case you need assistance in your wiring project, contact Hudco, a leading electrical services provider in Brampton, North York, and Toronto.

Maximum Number Of Wires Allowed

Different circuits require a different number of wires. While installing wires inside an electrical conduit, there is a limit to the number of cables that can be used. There are some factors on which the ‘fill capacity’ depends. It can be the size of the conduit, the gauge of wires, the material used in the making of conduit, etc. Even when the metal, plastic, and flexible conduits are of the same size, the number of cables allowed in their circuit varies.

The Disconnect Switch

An electrical disconnect switch can be used to shut off the power supply to your electrical project from an outer source. It is typically installed below the electric meter or electricity provider’s power pole.

Not all electrical projects have a dedicated disconnect switch. You can install it if you have a service panel installed indoors, and there is no other way to access it during emergencies. Hire a well-known and certified electricity company to get it installed.

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