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Hudco Electric Supply

Hudco Electric Supply Ltd.

Locations in Toronto, Mississauga, and Barrie

Welcome to the full-line electrical distributor Hudco Electric Supply Ltd.

Our company caters to electrical distribution that sets the bar for serving customers around the clock with our constant technical product support throughout Canada. We serve in regions including Brampton, Barrie, Toronto etc.

Delivering to our customers by combining great product supplies, cost offerings and value is our primary goal.

We optimize the virtue of our customer’s company or residential estate with our continuous efficient services. And to ensure that our stores are fully equipped and capable of running Energy Audits, Utility Rebates & Renewable Solutions.

It is shaping us as the leading brand in the market as a wholesale electricity & lighting supplier. We have also earned customer’s trust with our additional aids of custom pricing and financing services available only for our client base.

Enjoy the industry best with our unparalleled emphasis on providing the customer with the top graded quality merchandises at the quickest. Our experience of doing so for over the 30 years, makes Hudco Electric Supply the most reliable and smartest option when it comes to selecting top electronic Distributors.

We are diverse and represent several client classes, including electrical contractors, architects’ developers, public bodies, energy firms and business property managers, and so on.

We gauge our triumph in terms of pleased customers; therefore, we are constantly enhancing our services and operations at Hudco Electric Supply to create the most efficient, practical, all-around buying experience on the market.

You can take advantage of industry-leading technologies, such as our online shopping tools and an account management system that gives you full control and absolute power.

Get your quick fixes from Conduit, wires, lighting, fixtures and so on with us and we guarantee you that with our expert knowledge and compliance solutions in a highly competitive industry, we will never disappoint you.