The Role of Multimeter in Checking Outlets


The Role of Multimeter in Checking Outlets

Date: 7 Jan, 2020 | Posted: hudco

Every house has multiple outlets that work on the same level. There are times that these do not work in the same manner as expected to be. Such a problem is discoverable with the help of a multimeter. The causing issue will allow you to judge whether the repair needs an electrician. Some people are not even aware of the multimeter, and those are who may not know how to use it, although its usage is simple.

A multimeter gives the solution that an outlet could be lacking some power or that its wiring got reversed. The following knowledge can help in detecting the problem. So go through it.

Making Adjustments – Before opting for the multimeter’s AC function, you must set the voltage meter. You must not select the DC option even by mistake. The line represented in the DC functioning has a straight line with the waves showing in the AC one.

Know The Location – If you ignore the land output, then it may cause a disaster, and then you will have to call your electrician to fix things. To avoid such situations, see the three outlets, the right one will be hot, the left being neutral and the grounding one for the half-circle.

Shocks – Whenever you test things, there is a probability of getting electrical shocks. To prevent clashes, your one hand must be free. Your same hand must hold the meter probes. But make sure the metal parts must not touch your hands; if it does, then a short circuit will happen.

Connecting lead – You have to combine both points before testing home outlets. The red lead must go to the connector having a plus sign while the black one must go to the minus sign.

Check Proper Voltage – When the connectors are ready, insert the red one to the small slot while the black one to the larger vertical slot. Here the millimetre will show a proper current of 110-120 volts. If the voltage does not appear, then it is because of a wiring issue.

Wiring Issues – Now, the final part of testing home outlets concerning the significant appliances is that if the wiring issues are part of the problem. Here you have to insert the black lead in the ground outlet and the red one in the neutral slot. If some number appears, then the issue is of wiring. If it does not, then the grounding lacks.

We know that most people do not want to mess with such matters. So they call an electrician who has the full training to handle the situation. The electrician has plenty of equipment and also has outlets to replace them if the problem is more.

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